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The land of many lakes and more

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

The plan was to leave Oshkosh and head to Mt. Rushmore however Bike Week in Sturgis began on Monday and since we didn’t make reservations last year and I am opposed to such large crowds we decided we we would travel north into Minnesota and see the Mall of America.


From the looks of things the economy is doing just fine here in Minnesota!  Dads loaded down with shopping bags waving to children on the roller coaster while mom waits in line for a Starbucks!  I did my share of boosting the economy with a two hour shopping spree in Macy’s!  The good news is they don’t charge any sales tax on clothing and shoes in Minnesota – saved myself nearly 9%

Paul escorted me to the mall and walked most of the 4 stories while I was in Macy’s and then we took in a movie, Magic Mike.  A fun movie, not a lot of content but some laughs.  Shopping, dining, minature golf, roller coasters, movies, aquarium, all under one roof!