The western most point in Washington and the Olympic Coast

Lots of little towns and interesting scenery under grey skies today.  We drove west of Sequim with a few stops before the rain started.  We drove along Puget Sound all the way to Neah Bay.  We sort of lost steam as there wasn’t much in the 20 miles that lead up to it and then there is the Indian reservation that was so run down that we turned around.  We are told the last 8 miles are worth it because you can hike down and there is a museum and you can see the western most point.  We will save that for the next trip!

A beach along Puget Sound

Plenty of water in the Northwest

Hwy 101 turns south from Puget Sound and you come to Forks, made famous by the Twilight Series, by Stephenie Meyer.  I did not read the books but know many who have.  The town is just another small village nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Olympic Forest and very near to Cape Flattery where they measure rain in feet not inches!  Interesting what puts a place on the map.  They didn’t even do any filming here just used the name and some points and the town is now famous.

Keep traveling past Forks and Hwy 101 comes back out to the ocean.  Ruby Beach was our stop for dinner.  This stretch of the Washington Coast is filled with cliffs and seascapes worthy of stopping for.


The Pacific Northwest is full of wildlife and in some towns the deer are in charge of the streets and traffic.  They seem very tame but are definitely aware of us and especially Duke.   Safely back in Westport WA where they are forecasting rain for the next 5-7 days! Ouch!!!

One Response to “The western most point in Washington and the Olympic Coast”

  1. Barb says:

    You’re making me homesick, but then again June was chilly here. You must have just drove through Port Angeles. When I lived there Sequim had only a population of 2,000, now it’s about 20,000 and P.A. has not grown.
    Up in the Olympics is where I walked up and surprised a herd of elk while hiking. They thundered off – it was phenomenal! Also, while hiking got soaked to the bone after a clear day & eve.
    On Ocean Shores, one crazy friend almost lost his car when he drove along the beach and came upon a creek/river. We were out clam digging. Always chilly!