Westport Streetrods

This week was full of catching up, laundry and wondering when the sun was going to shine again!  This weekend is the Street Rod Show in town and it got off to a very rainy start on Friday.  This morning was the big expo at the marina and it just happens the sun poked thru the clouds for a few minutes and the cars all showed up.


Mercedes, didn't seem that old

I had one of these!

Many of the cars are parked in our RV park as their owners are also RVers.  They are very proud of their cars and even though the sky was turning wet again each one as they arrived in town would park and get the micro fiber towels out and start shining!  This is definitely not a hobby for Paul and I as polishing is definitely not high on our list of priorities.

One Response to “Westport Streetrods”

  1. Pat Bennett says:

    I remember the cars show when we worked at Andersen’s on the Ocean in Long Beach, WA. Great shots! Love your blog-brings back memories of my trip last year…See ya in a week or so…