Port Townsend

In Coupeville we caught the ferry to Port Townsend.  It only takes about 30 minutes to cross.  Port Townsend is an artist community on Puget Sound.  We found a Mansion to spend the night.  Because we had Duke we had to stay on the ground floor.  The Innkeeper said we were staying in the garage!  It was a very nice room but a bit odd for us!  No internet, no TV, lots of ruffly pillows, and some rope & horseshoes hanging on the wall!   It had a very nice patio that opened to the yard so Duke enjoyed himself.

Ann Starrett Mansion

Community Park in Port Townsend

The mansion was beautifully decorated and had a spiral staircase that went from the ground floor at the entry to the top of the tower.  Sunday morning we ventured into town for a cup of coffee and found a nice little coffee shop with an outdoor patio.  The place was very organic and the scones a bit heavy on the fiber side!  I almost forgot, last nights dinner was at an Asian Fusion type of restaurant.  Prices sounded reasonable until I realized Paul was paying $9 for a bowl of Top Ramen!  And, I had trouble finding something I would like to try and the waitress asked me if I like fish, Yes, of course I say and she suggests a dish with rice and Mackerel!  I wanted to tell her Mackerel is bait to catch real fish!!!  Keep trying new things that is what this adventure is all about.  Into the car for a day of travel along Puget Sound into Lavender Country at Sequim WA.   But before we leave Port Townsend we have to visit yet one more Fort!

Fort Worden

Paul enjoyed the museum at Fort Worden while I took a walk around the grounds and enjoyed some Sunday morning bagpipe music.  Not sure the significance but it sounded pretty good.

This whole region from Whidbey Island to Port Angeles claim they have a much milder climate than Seattle with only 1/2 the rainfall and it is noticible along the roadway.  Lots more brown fields.  It is interesting that they get so little rain because the Olympic National Park is right there and there is still lots of snow on the mountains.

Olympic Range

Nearing Sequim we started seeing a different landscape; lots of small farms and the lavender which was in full bloom.  Beautiful.

Our last night of our vacation was spent in a hotel near Sequim so that we could enjoy the lavender farms before moving west and to home.

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  1. Barb says:

    Your vacation/touring looks great! You say some good stuff in Seattle. Did you do the underground tour? There’s an airplane museum in the old Boeing plant to the south. We never ever took a ferry to Port Townsend but then I saw that you came from Whibey Is.