King City, CA

So King City is not a destination that most people put on their bucket list but it is a place we have visited many times and we spent this weekend here again with friends and the square dancing community.  Winter Festival with Bob Baier is an amazing experience.  The dance goes for 3 days and has some of the best callers and creative, fun dance formations that we have experienced.

We have been square dancing since before we had children and have made some life long friends and gotten a little exercise in the mix. Square Dancing is cool and isn’t just for country music type folks.  This weekend the caller from South Carolina, Tony Oxendine who is not a country music fan called a tip (that is what we call it when we dance a number!) to a current pop hit “Soul Sister” Very cool!

Paul and I love square dancing and don’t get to dance as much as we used to so we really enjoy these weekends where we get to hang out with our friends and dance.  Of course the weekend is not just about dancing – partying is very important and each evening always ends with beverages and laughter.

Our time with our friends will be changing tomorrow as we begin the next leg of our travels.  We will be heading to Southern California and then on to Mesa to enjoy the winter in the desert.  This next part of our trip is going to be exciting as our friends Kip & Pat Garvey will be traveling with us in their RV!  This will be so nice since after a day of traveling Paul & I are usually ready to talk to someone other than each other!

One Response to “King City, CA”

  1. Candy Tyner says:

    Wow… what a fun time at square dancing… I finally got logged out after 3 tries… it is getting harder and harder to remember my passwords….
    Sorry we didn’t get to go to the fun event but we will next year.
    Have a fun time in So. Calif…