Happy New Year and all that JAZZ!

It seems that my New Years resolution might have been to stop posting on my blog and it looks like I might have been able to keep that resolution!  It wasn’t and yes I broke my New Years resolution by January 2.  When we are in San Jose and getting to spend time with friends and family I seem to have less time to chat.

We had a wonderful month visiting with everyone and then we got back on the road January 3 for a 1 week trip to Calistoga where we spent the week with more friends.  There were 6 couples and we had a great time other than the freezing cold weather and then I got an awful cold.  I did get to golf a couple of days although the course was a swamp.  They got 20 inches of rain the week before we arrived and they were not able to get on the course and do anything.  My game wasn’t that bad although I realize now that I really rely on the roll after the bounce!  There was none this week, only the nice splash when your ball hit the ground.

We did taste wine from one of the wineries but the wines in Napa are getting way over priced.  The least expensive wine on the menu was $35, with Zinfandel starting at $40.  Way out of my taste range.

From Calistoga we made one last quick trip into San Jose where I got to have dinner with Amy & Stephanie while Paul did some work.  We are spending this weekend in King City at a Square Dance and then we will be back on the road heading for the sunshine.

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