Avila Beach

A very popular beach on the Central Coast with amazing views, seals putting on a show and the waves crashing on the beach right in front of our door.  We love it here and go out of our way to make the stop. 

Avila is a small beach town with a working pier, a golf course and many restaurants just above Pismo Beach.  There is only one road into town so if you are not planning to come here you won’t see it.  The RV sites are right on the beach which is great – nothing between me and the waves! 

We are traveling with two couples, The King’s and The Garvey’s so we needed to arrive early to ensure we got the sites right on the beach.  We were successful and were set up and ready to enjoy the views before lunch.  Having our friends along makes our daily routine way more fun! 

Pat and Janet enjoy the view

While we were here we had a Full moon which was beautiful reflecting off the ocean.  We also got to see a rocket launch from Vandenburg which is very close and we had a great view.

Moon over Avila Beach

As usual, Paul has to make new friends.  This couple were traveling in a very small van conversion but that is not a problem cause the reason to come here is to be out enjoying the views.

Overlooking Avila Beach

From here we will travel into Los Angeles for a couple of days before heading to the desert.

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