Moab, Utah

We left Golden early and decided to put some miles on our trip so that we can be in California on time.  We are in Moab Utah and it is still cold!  Not as cold as Colorado but colder than I expected for the desert.  The 350 miles went pretty well except for my bum hurting!  It is a good thing we have a motorhome cause I could move from the chair to the couch and stand up often also. Moab is a really cute mountain town that is definitely set up for the tourist.  I picked an RV park out of the Good Sam listings and when we arrived there was no pool which I was hoping for and they said they were dog friendly however I find this hard to believe.  After we checked in the nice lady handed me an additional red sheet with the pet rules!  No dogs on the lawns; don’t let your dog pee on the lawns or the rose bushes; and no barking!  How are you suppose to keep your dog off the lawn I asked the lady cause the lawns are between each site.  She says “Just don’t let them pee or poop on the lawn” Ok???  Duke was fine however later in the evening I was sitting on our lawn and some people were walking their dogs and one of them was barking in greeting to other dogs.  The lady comes out of the office and tells them to keep the dog quiet or they are out of the park!  Whoa – It seemed like a really nice park and quiet however I will in the future ask about the pet policies before making the reservation.

One of the most interesting things about this park was we went to town and returned to new neighbors.

How do you fit all your stuff?
How do you fit all your stuff?











They were really friendly, but mostly kept to theirselves.  My only question is how do you fit the VODKA in?

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  1. Candy Tyner says:

    Hey, I recognize that cute RV who is visiting next to you…

    What nice neighbors you have…

    Tex and Candy