Arriving in Golden, CO

We arrived in Golden around 3 pm and it was so cold I thought it might snow which is right on par for us and weather.  We are here visiting Paul’s sister Cindy who is refurbishing a duplex while she lives in it with tenants in the other unit.  Paul helped her pull up some old carpet in the basement and built her a sifting table so she can sift the dirt in her garden.  She has a really great garden that I am really jealous of – not having my garden and growing tomatoes has been something I have really missed this year.  I really didn’t get to help with any of the projects as shortly after we arrived I fell down the stairs quite hard where now I am having a hard time sitting or standing for very long!  I got a bruise and a big bump on my tailbone and Paul and Stephanie get to deal with Cranky!  We will leave on Thursday am and travel somewhere in the Rockies or into Utah, we haven’t decided yet, permanent vacation is so much fun!

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