Old Forge, New York, such a beautiful spot

We arrived in Old Forge just after dark and it is already 0 degrees!  But the house is nice and warm!  And now we have a shower and running water, YIPEE!  Life is all about the small things that make me smile.  We had a very uneventful evening and slept great, we even had to turn the heater down a notch.  The Van was very cold and both heaters were working overtime.  We woke up about 8 and it was -20 degrees!  WHAT???  Well I did say I wanted to experience “REAL” winter.  I think this is as real as I want!

Well that is a “new” look!

The van used a lot of propane so we will be out refilling it this am as soon as it warms up a bit!

We finally got ourselves bundled up and headed into town.  There are lots of snowmobiles on the roads, trails, bars and it is before noon.  It is a beautiful morning in the Adirondacks but most are staying inside next to the fire.  We found propane and the gauge said it was out.  The poor guy had to get down on his belly in the snow and then Paul had to drive up onto a board because the tank is low and his hose was stiff!  Duke and I waited about 50 feet away because I am very nervous around gas and don’t want to get caught in the explosion; I can just watch as Paul and our van go I guess!  It took the guy at least 20 minutes to get hooked up and then he pumped our 4 gallons into the tank.  At these temps it may not last until we leave on Thursday.  The weather says it is going to warm up again after more snow on Tuesday.  Warm up is 20 for a low!!!

Anyway, we cruised around town and I got to see my frozen lake!

1st Lake in the Fulton Chain of lakes

I have ridden in a boat on this lake many times!

The track is from Snowmobiles

Snowmobiles heading for the next bar

The deer are still around

Above is the Moose River which we canoe on every time we are here and usually go for a swim right here as we are just about done with our 10 mile paddle!


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