It’s not Frozen but WOW!

It is bitter cold when we get up and the roads are covered with a thick layer of white stuff!  I have not driven in snow in years and we are in a van with regular tires!  I am quite nervous but we head out anyway!  First stop Starbucks!  I wonder how long my latte will stay warm?  It is 11 degrees!


We made it and no one is here!  Perfect weather and oh so beautiful.

Looking towards the falls from the Bridge to Canada. The river is a solid sheet of ice and snow


Baby its cold out here!

The view of the falls is best from Canada and we needed some exercise after sitting in the car for 4 days so we grabbed our passports and headed across the bridge.  It is a beautiful day and no one is here.  I think this is my favorite visit to Niagara Falls and we are just getting here.

From Canada looking at the American Falls

Taking Duke for a walk near the American Falls, He thinks the snow is really fun, especially making yellow snow

Posing for mom, not their favorite thing to do especially at 0 Degrees


The American Falls, it is just beautiful every time I see them

Looking toward Canada. The falls are flowing right over the edge

Remember the photo above? Not anymore.

Poor Duke, he was having such a good time, running, sniffing, peeing and then he stepped in a puddle of melted snow and at 0 degrees it is freezing!  He held his paw up and would not move!

Just after a snow fall is the best!

Since we have been here many times and it is almost too cold to just hang out we are going to continue to Old Forge today. There we get to stay in a nice warm, cozy house all to ourselves!  The RV will sit in the driveway and we will try to keep it warm enough to survive!



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