Another Roberts Family Reunion

This one is for the youngest Roberts 50th birthday. Yep, we all left our lives to celebrate Stephen turning another milestone!
We all made our way to Old Forge again and had a great 4 days of togetherness. Lots of laughs, more than enough food and snacks! If you couldn’t find something to snack on well…..
The weekend was Columbus weekend which means it is also homecoming and the big Varsity soccer tournaments.

David and Ethan both play varsity so we got to see them run around the bonfire that is set by the volunteer fire department after the 5 floats are dismantled.
The team had a great first game but lost the championship game. They came in 2nd in the tournament !
Saturday we had the big party for the birthday boy, Stephen with all 9 siblings and some cousins and one aunt.

And our favorite hike to Bald Mtn. Of course! This view never gets old

That’s me with Paul’s sister Nancy¬† (#5) and his niece, Jennifer. The only one from her generation besides the boys who live in Old Forge to make the weekend.
And the best reason this was a good time to come to Old Forge! We hit peak!

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