Day 11 & 12 Exploring the coast in Ireland

We were planning to explore the coast of western Ireland but again the weather is changing our plans.  Storm Brian is approaching the area so we find a B & B in Ennis and book ourselves a total tourist thing.  We are going to have a medieval  banquet in a castle.  Bunratty Castle served us up a great meal that we had to eat with our hands.  Spareribs, chicken, soup, bread and lots of wine.

Next stop is Cliffs of Moher .  We decided to just do it.  We arrived to winds of at least 40mph and the place was almost empty but we braved it and walked along the cliffs (behind a stone wall that I used to keep me upright).  It is beautiful but I still think Big Sur has it beat.

I think this was suppose to be for evacuation purposes but ….

Well that will be all of the Cliffs we get to see as they are still not taking boats out and we have things to see.  So northward we go.  We stop in a cute little town that is definitely a summer beach town complete with waterslides and clam chowder.  There was a walk along the shore and they have an area that appeared to be a swimming pool from the tides.  I particularly liked the sculptures!

Beach towels!   Creative.





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