Day 13, Northern Ireland

We made it to Northern Ireland where now we have to have pounds instead of euros.  No customs to change countrys but a definite change.  Northern Ireland is much smaller.  They still have lots of green but now we are seeing way more multifamily type housing and way less sheep!  We make it to our B & B in Bushmills after about 6 hours in the car.  We are ready to relax.  Thats good because the only thing around is the Inn where we are staying and they only have Drinks, no food till tomorrow morning where they will cook us a very nice Irish breakfast that is included in our night stay for only 60lbs!  That is a bargain because we will spend about double that for a travelodge in Belfast, without breakfast.

Giants Causeway   The story is interesting and we enjoyed the walk.  The stones are the most impressive as I have not seen that.  I still like Big Sur better for cliffs but this was beautiful.

The hexagon shape of the rocks is very unique.  We were there early but before we left the buses of tourists arrived and soon it was people everywhere.

Sometimes I see things that make me just have to snap a photo.  This girls is walking on these rocks, very close to the cliff and she has a kid on her back who could not have seen anything.  The child is facing forward and covered with clothing.  I guess the kid doesn’t like nature!

Old Bushmills Whiskey  is right here and we have not tasted any Irish Whiskey yet so we do the tour!  Very interesting and very much like Kentucky Bourbon in that they get their barrels from the Kentucky Bourbon Distillers after they are done with them.   Cindy enjoyed the tasting.  I think it is similar to what I think lighter fluid tastes like, but it is alcohol so I’m not passing up the tasting.  I did add ice to mine which the bartender discouraged.  I like my Irish Whiskey in Coffee!




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