Dingle Way, after 90 miles! The rest of the story….

First let me tell you how our last day ended!

We get into the car. Cindy remembers to drive on the left, I didn’t!  We drive the 8 miles to our B & B.  It’s the same place we spent the night before heading out on the trail.  We have a key to the house and our luggage had been delivered.  We get upstairs, unpack, sort the laundry, and get into the shower!  Today was pretty wet and now it’s kind of cold so a loooong hot shower feels so good.

Our Innkeeper has given us very detailed, handwritten directions to the laundry so we head out!  We get to where the laundry is and don’t see it.  The traffic is very heavy, like all these people got off work at 2:00 in the afternoon.  We can’t find it.  We drive up and down the road and nothing.  I finally get Yelp on the job!  Yelp finds me one a mile away.  Fine we will go to a different one.  We arrive there and nothing, which in my travels I have had this experience with Yelp before.  Poor Cindy, she is driving in this crazy traffic, on the wrong side of the road and it is raining really hard now!

Finally I say, let’s go back to the other one, the directions said it’s next to the gas station so I’ll just go in and ask.  We pull into the station..

It is right there in front of us, in the parking lot.  This is the WHOLE laundromat!  Seriously!  It is outdoors, in the rain with nowhere to set your laundry or anything.  The station attendant is standing there under the awning smoking so I ask!  Can I buy detergent inside the station?  No, but it comes with detergent when you pay for the machine.  Only the small machine is available but it is a pretty big front loader.  So we grab our laundry, put the 4 euros in and yep, the washer starts!  This is just too weird.

We also had not eaten so I look around and don’t see anything right there and I am not sure about leaving so we have a very gourmet meal from the station!  3 euros got me a 12″ roll with a sliced up chicken breast, a bag of chips and a water!  They even had a little area inside to sit and eat it!  Everything you need, no frills!

Our wash finally finishes, the other people finally finish with the dryer and it’s our turn to dry.  Try pulling clothes out of the washer into just your arms without dropping something!  At least we only dropped a couple socks into the ground.  This is kind of gross but not as gross as stomping in the muck on the trail, it will be ok.

Clothes dried in 30 minutes! Excellent but where do I fold them?  I’m standing in the station lot, with my head inside a dryer folding clothes and stacking them inside!  Cindy gets a bag, and stuffs the small things into it!  Well we did get the laundry done.  No more muddy clothes, and they smell clean.  I guess you don’t really NEED all those luxury amenities after all!  NOT.

Cindy decides since we are at a gas station we should fill up, that way tomorrow we can just be on our way.  When we rented the car they gave us a diesel and said diesel gets better mileage and diesel is cheaper in Ireland and it is.  It’s €1.20 per liter where unleaded is €1.30.  That’s a big difference.  So she pulls to the pumps, I just sit there cause this whole laundry episode has me exhausted and it’s cold.

She stucks her head in the window!  ” I screwed up!”

Unleaded into a dieiel car!  Bad!

Yep, she put in about 3 liters and so we have to wait at the same station 2 hours for the guy to come and empty the tank and put new fuel in!  €250.00  plus tax to remove fuel, €4.00 for the 3 liters of unleaded and €65.00 euros for a new tank full of diesel!  (It comes to about $400.00.) So much for saving by getting a diesel!

Tomorrow we start the other half of our vacation!  Stay tuned!

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