Somethings you just have to see to believe

When you are driving up the mountain and you get your first glimpse!  WOW!!!

Can you name all 4? No cheating, leave the internet out of this!

Entry to Rushmore, with a flag for each state

The details! Did you know dynamite can do this?

A profile of a president

There just are not words or picture that will do Mt. Rushmore justice!  You have to put this on your bucket list.  The monument is amazing, and the National Parks Service does a great job making it accessible.  The Black Hills where the monument is are beautiful in their own right.  I didn’t know South Dakota had such beautiful mountians!

A few miles from Mt. Rushmore is another truly amazing project that has been in the works since 1948 is Crazy Horse Monument.

The mock up!

The completed statue will truly be amazing.  On the site they have amazing plans and so far have built a wonderful space for Indian heritage.  Someday they will finish the monument and I hope to return to see it.

Devils Tower, the first National Monument, named by Theordore Rosevelt is less than 100 miles west of Mt. Rushmore in Wyoming.  We did a day stop here.  You can see the monument from miles away and it doesn’t look like any of the landscape of the area.  It is huge.  People love to climb it; we chose to check it out from afar on our way to Billings MT.    The area was very desert like with a huge canyon with amazing colors leading up to the Monument.

Devils Tower

WOW!  3 amazing Monuments in 3 days!

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  1. Barb says:

    Ahhh, you went without us~) Miss you too. Hard to focus on work and read your blog. It’s been a very difficult work year for both of us. Who knows how we’ll be when you get here to CA. You could probably talk Brian into joining up with you, except that Terese is plotting grad school. See you soon! Barb & Brian