I thought Harleys were for tough guys!

Bike week in Sturgis, South Dakota was something we talked about attending and then decided it would be just too much work and very expensive.  Instead we took several days to see Minnesota and North Dakota hoping to arrive after all the bikers went home.  That was the plan but as we inched closer I could see Paul hoping we could at least hit the tail end!  So we arrive in Rapid City on Friday night, parked the rigs and headed the 40 miles to Sturgis.  As we are driving we are seeing the clouds becoming darker and darker!  Just as we are arriving in Sturgis the sky opens up and floods everything.  Bikes are parked under over crossings, in gas station bays, everywhere.  Rain and Motorcycles really don’t go together.  We make it into town and find parking so that we can enjoy the evening of Sturgis craziness!

Just one street!

Thousands of bikes

We were there for the final weekend and many bikers had already headed towards home after spending many days riding the hills and playing in the bars each evening and there were still so many bikes!  All kinds of bikes, all kinds of people.  I met a single lady that was my age, lost her husband and decided life was too short and bought a bike and finds herself returning to Sturgis each August just to ride her bike with fellow bikers and enjoy some craziness in a life of routine, work, family, etc.

Having a couple of beers with our biker friends!

We found ourselves a bar with lots of activity!  Dancing girls who will show you a bit of chest for a nice tip!  Just a bit of crazy and then back to real life!

Just for FUN!

Everyday people come here, business men & women, doctors, lawyers, accountants the ones that can afford these bikes and then there are the guys that spend their last dollars getting here all enjoying the same beers and watching each other do things they will remember for a really long time!!  I am not sure I could do this for a week but it was really fun for an evening!

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