On the road again

Bye, Bye, Bye!

Home Sweet Home, Mesa Arizona

Monday evening Paul left Mesa about 6:30 pm, right after our last baseball game and headed into the desert on his way to Texas.  I headed for a local motel where I spent the evening before taking a shuttle to the Phoenix Airport to catch a Southwest flight to San Jose for some much needed time with my girls and my girlfriends!

I arrived Tuesday about 11:30 am and was quickly picked up by Annie and off to lunch at the Elephant Bar in San Jose where we spent lots of time catching up.  Then I spent the afternoon relaxing in her home and telling her all about my time in Mesa.  I tend to talk way too much when I get home because there is just nothing like being back where people know you!  Amy picked me up about 5:30 and then it was off to her new, temporary home and then off to dinner in Willow Glen with Stephanie.

Wednesday was a much needed hair restoration with Nancy (thanks!) and then lunch with Diana in Campbell at the Rock Bottom Brewery.  Stephanie picked me up around 3 and we did some errands and checked out the house we are trying to buy and then it was meet Amy for dinner (again!)  This time I said too many restaurants so we got TOGO’s take out and then a girls night at the movies.   We went for sappy and saw The Vow.  I enjoyed it, I really don’t need educated anymore so a good sappy movie is fine with me.

Thursday was a girls day with Amy and we started about 9 am dropping her rental car back and heading for bagels.  We reorganized her storage shed so a new couch would fit that Nick and Stephanie were helping to move this weekend.  I found out today that it was way bigger than Amy expected so they had to do even more rearranging!  It is amazing the stuff you can accumulate when you have the space!  Then it was off to Kaiser for my monthly blood test and a blood pressure check.  Everything is good to go, just like the car needs tuned up before a trip, that was what I was doing.  Then we were off to the mall.  I am going broke on this visit.  What to eat for dinner?  Another first, we went to Tlaquepaque in Willow Glen for mexican food.  Very good.

Friday was a couple quick errands and then lunch with Barb at Rock Bottom Brewery.  Never been there before and now in 3 days I have been twice.  There Blackened Chicken Salad was excellent.  Drop Barb back at work, pick Amy up and off to the airport I go for my flight to Texas at 3 pm.

Oh ya,  Paul had a very uneventful trip across the desert with Duke.  He called me each day and on Wednesday afternoon he said after driving about 8 hours that he felt like he was on a treadmill; he would drive forever at the same speed, stop for $300 of fuel and get right back on and drive again until he stopped for another $300 of fuel!   He still had about 200 miles to go.

God Bless the USA!!!

2 Responses to “On the road again”

  1. Diana Woods says:

    Are you making home cooked meals now!! Have a safe trip!

  2. Denise says:

    Not yet! Too many new things to try.