Baytown Texas

East of Houston is a quaint little town on the bay known as Baytown.  My sister bought a home and moved here last summer.   This is where Paul and I met up again on Friday, I flew into Houston and he drove.

Saturday was a day for resting and just hanging out with family.   My sister, Karol and her husband Curtis bought here in Baytown after several trips here with his company.  Their home is on a 1/2 acre in a small development right near the bay.  Lots of green grass and trees and a lot of mosquitoes!!!  I was applying the bug spray like crazy.  Karol signed up for a mosquito service that will come once a month and spray in the hopes that it will reduce the problem so she can get out and enjoy the springtime.

After our day of rest we were ready to get out and see the area.  First stop was the San Jacinto Monument which is a 570′ tall shaft with a giant Lone-Star at the top.  The monument is for those that fought the battle for Texas’ independence.  The site also has the Battleship Texas which we toured.  This ship has 3 stories which you can tour and then to my amazement you could go down 2 more stories and see lots more pipes, wires, engines and who knows what!

Paul and Jeremy 4 stories down!

Battleship Texas

San Jacinto Monument

Finally it was time to pick Karol up from work and head to Galveston Island which I am really excited about.  Getting a late start we took a driving tour of the area and then rode the ferry that takes you to Port Bolivar and back.  Karol promised we would see Dolphins.  The first 1/2 of the ride we saw nothing except we did see a Royal Caribbean cruise ship setting out to the caribbean but no dolphins.  Just before we landed in Port Bolivar we finally saw several families of dolphins swimming, playing and fishing.  Watching dolphins swim makes me want to take a dive and swim with them.  They look so relaxed!

Can I come?

Port Bolivar

After our tour of Galveston we were on our way to Tbone Toms for dinner where Paul was meeting up with an old friend from Old Forge.  Paul had not seen him since before he left town in 1982.  George met us in the bar and then we sat for dinner.  This place is huge; they have patio seating which is as big as most restaurants, then they have this covered outdoor eating area that must have 200 tables or more, a dance floor with band and another bar, then they have an indoor seating area like a real diner for those that are looking for a more intimate dining experience!

Notice the shirts! That was how we found George!!!

We ordered Armadillo eggs and fried pickles for starters and then the music started!  Loud, country music!  The music was good but conversation was not happening except for the person right next to you!  Paul and George had a nice chat; Karol and Curtis chatted and danced, I listened to the music and enjoyed my Texas BBQ dinner!  Just as we were finishing dinner a group of girls lined up at the bar and were served lemon drop martinis in dixie cups attached to a water-ski!   Now that is something I had not heard of, a dixie cup for a martini?  I like mine in a nice chilled, stemmed glass thank you very much!

Only in Texas!!!

4 Responses to “Baytown Texas”

  1. Dan says:

    That is one messed up post Denise. Glad you missed the tornado’s around Dallas. Did you see the pictures of softball sized hail? Spring in Texas, yikes! Ya’all be careful down there…

  2. Denise says:

    Happy now!!!! Damn technology

  3. Tex Tyner says:

    God Bless Teaxs, you are making me Home sick
    Love Houston, Galveston, San Antonio, Dallas, Ft Worth, El Paso, Austin, Dripping Springs anything and everything Texas