Christmas Trees

Another bucket list item!  Paul worked for a day at our friends Christmas Tree Farm in Lake County CA.  He and Tony sold trees all day while Janet and I enjoyed our morning coffee in a champagne glass (OK it was champagne!) with a Hibiscus blossom floating in the bottom for some Christmas cheer.  The Hibiscus blossom was pretty cool and they are edible.  While the boys continued to sell trees through lunch we visited the egg farm for a dozen eggs and then back home to relax in the sunshine.  Christmas trees in California are sold to people wearing t-shirts and shorts donning sunglasses with a Santa hat here and there.

Lady, are you sure you want me to cut it here?

Duke and Riley playing fetch among the Christmas Trees

Our favorite customer of the day was the guy who showed up on his minibike and wanted to find a tree for $19!  The trees are $24 minimum so Tony found him one that he could afford and he tied it on the bike and rode off into the sunset!!!

Yep, that is a Christmas tree tied onto the back of a minibike

Like all of the jobs and things we have done since being on the road our favorite part is getting to see friends that have moved away and meeting people.  We met some interesting ones in Lake County!  We will be back next year!

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