Christmas in not far away

I love Christmas and shopping for my family and friends is usually something that I can’t wait to do and I am always excited to find just the right item.  I am not sure what happened but Thanksgiving weekend I realized I hadn’t bought a single item and I had no idea what I was going to be buying.  I spent several days questioning the girls about what they would like and shopping online to get ideas and then I hit the mall in San Jose.  First Valley Fair and then Oakridge Shopping Center.  In two days I had exactly 2 gifts and wasn’t even sure about them!  Is this what is like to get older and out of touch with the newest trends?    Well I went home and thought about it some more and finally decided on some things and hit the stores in Santa Rosa on Monday.  I had to return again on Wednesday but I am happy to say my small Christmas shopping list is complete, everything is wrapped, the tree looks beautiful and now I have to wait 9 more days before I can see the happy faces of my family!!!

A Holiday Shopping sunset

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