Christmas Parade Calistoga Style

I really don’t consider wine growing a farming crop but it is!  The vineyards are worked and the crops are picked so the growers must have farm equipment, right?  Well, every year Calistoga has there holiday parade and people come from all over northern California to see the lighted tractors the first weekend of December in downtown.   There were lots of entries and most had a Santa!  I found that different, actually I found the whole parade different!  Tractors carrying Santa and elves decorated with lots of lights rolling down the main street was pretty entertaining.  Paul loved it!  I am not sure I would put it on my must repeat list but it was fun.  We had our friends Jim & Linda who have just moved back to California from Virginia and are now living in Winsor, CA join us so I had someone to laugh with and Jim was pretty good about being interested in the tractors for Paul!!!

Tractors, old trucks, bucket trucks, all with lots of lights

The funniest tractor was one complete with lights and a Santa but you couldn’t see either one in the dark because his generator had quit!  And,  his tractor had quit also somewhere along the route because he was being towed!!!!

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