Why do I like things that fly?

The Pacific Northwest always has wind and what better use of the wind than to fly a kite?  Kite flying is a really big deal here and every beach has their Kite Festival during the summer months.  Saturday was an awesome day; the sun was out, the wind was blowing just enough and the temperatures were reaching up to 80 degrees.  We made our way across the bay which is only 8 miles but you have to go all the way around the bay so it is about 45 miles to reach Ocean Shores.

Finding our way to the beach, which you drive on!  No carrying all your stuff down to the beach in multiple trips, you just drive the whole picnic right down to where you want to hang out.  We were not the only ones thinking it was going to be a good beach day and there was a kite festival going on.  They had demonstrations with one guy operating 3 two line kites alone and doing formations!  He the middle kite attached to his waist somehow.  There was a couple that did synchronized kite flying to really cool Japanese music.  I think that is an amazing talent!  Paul and I can’t synchronize dinner!  And then there was the regular folks flying and learning to fly.

Ocean Shores Kite Festival

Shapes just like the Balloon Festival

Paul has a two line kite that he is pretty good with but I had never flown it so we went to the local kite shop to buy a beginners kite! and some lunch.  Back to the beach and

Me and My kite

The Green Monster

This kite is definitely for the beginner.  Unfolding it took longer than it took to put it into the sky and then you don’t even have to mind it.  This is kite flying.  But no, I can’t be satisfied with easy!  I got to try Paul’s kite.  This one is a 2 line and requires help getting it into the air – well not if you know what you are doing but even Paul can’t get it up himself sometimes!!!

Put this on your bumper

I was doing just fine and then crash!  I hit a minivan and the lady was hot.  “You put a big dent and scratch in my car?”  Wait, this kite doesn’t even weigh a 1/2 lb and it is all plastic!  Well needless to say, there was a dent and scratch so we give her our phone number and went on our way.  I was done with kite flying for today.  Next time it is a quieter beach, maybe one where you can’t bring your car cause people here don’t like to walk out onto the beach.  Fine with me.

Wait there is more.  This lady was angry at 2 pm when we left and about 4 pm Paul gets a call from her.  Great!  “Hi Paul, don’t worry about the dent, it isn’t that big of a deal and things happen.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend”  WHAT????   I figure she went home fuming and tells her husband and he own’s up to putting the dent in the car yesterday!  A happy ending for me.

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