Guess Who?

I love my cell phone.  When someone calls you can tell who it is before you have to answer and if it isn’t someone in your contact list it still displays the number so you can get an idea before you pick up the phone.  That is what happened Friday morning.  My phone rings and it is an unknown number but it is a 408 area code!  Ahh, home sweet home.  Well I answered it and it was some friends that we had not seen in a very long time and they were staying in Ocean Shores, the town across the bay that is only 8 miles away but you have to travel 45 miles to get there! Wow, I guess we are going to Ocean Shores today!

John and Estelle and Me

We arrived at their condo right on the beach in Ocean Shores and got caught up on everything and then Estelle said can we stay in for dinner instead of going out!  You know Paul was up for that.  Dinner was excellent and then we got to play some cards.  A wonderful evening.  Their timeshare condo was right on the dunes in front of the ocean.  There wasn’t a sunset today so we missed a great opportunity.

But Saturday was beautiful from our beach!

Driftwood is littered all over the beach

Evening surfers

Kayaks too!

Sunday John and Estelle came to our side of the bay for a little sightseeing.  Westport has the tallest Lighthouse in Washington and we climbed the 135 stairs to the top.  Beautiful views of the dunes and beach from up on top.  The lense is not being used but is still in the top and they let you get right up to it.   It was amazing to see how one was built.  The prism’s were really thick.

Westport Lighthouse

All 135 stairs before we can get to the top

I love this picture.  I took it from the bottom of the staircase.  It is hard to really see but those are all of the stairs, spiraling right up to the lens.  The lighthouse is to warn boats and show them the way into the bay.  The light is still used today but is a beacon mounted on the outside of the lighthouse.  They also use a fog horn which we can often here from our place.  This past weekend a fishing boat apparently didn’t get the information correct and had to call for assistance!


Seeing John and Estelle was so nice.  I really miss home and our friends.  We are making lots of new friends but sometimes it is so nice to talk to someone who knows you and knows about your life.  Thanks for visiting guys!  Can’t wait for more visitors – come see us.

Blue Skies! A rare occurance and oh so beautiful




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  1. Candy Tyner says:

    How great to see friends… Say hi to them for us. We haven’t seen them in a really long time..