Sunsets and Crabs

The sun was out again so we headed to the docks to try our luck once again at crabbing.  Our attention span is only about an hour and a half but that seems to be enough as we got 3 more crabs, just enough for dinner.  According to Paul cost per crab is $11 now as we have six for the season!  Most of the time Paul puts the net into the water and waits about 10 minutes before he pulls the net up to make sure his bait (chicken legs) is still there and see if he has any keepers.  Most catches are 6-8 crabs and usually too small or female.  Today in one basket he pulled up 14 crabs!  Only one was a keeper.

14 crabs

I have never been interested in fishing and would much prefer to order fish out!  If you catch your own you have to clean it and then cook it!  And the smell!!! Well we are doing just that.  We go down to the docks with our gear, a chair and an ice chest, throw our bait into the waters and wait!  I am finding that this is actually fun.  Sitting on the docks you meet some interesting people; you get to watch the boats come in and out of the port; wave off the sea gulls and watch the sea lions try to bully you off the docks. I am finding more and more things to watch and think about while Paul minds his net.

Looking over the port

Wounded Warrior

Commercial Fishing Boats

Sailing out to Sea

It seems there is never a shortage of things to photograph on the docks.  Oh I forgot, they call them Floats here in Washington.

Well like I said our attention span is not long so once we got 3 crabs we were done.  Right next to the Float is a restaurant/bar that touts they have the Best Bloody Mary’s in Washington.  So it is happy hour and I think it is the perfect finish to a beautiful day on float 20.

It’s 3:30 and the bar is empty!  The tables are at the window overlooking the port, very nice and relaxing.  Appetizers and beer is 1/2 price but the Bloody Mary is $12!  Guess Paul is having beer!  On the cocktail menu they have several interesting choices but I came for the Bloody Mary and it says it includes the 5 food groups – it should for $12!

Could they get anything else on that rim?

Self infused Finlandia Vodka, peppered rim, cheese, beans, Slim Jim, olive, onion, tomato, lime and a Prawn!  It was good.  As for it being the best in Washington, I guess I better get tasting if I am going to be able to compare!

And of course since the sun came out we made an evening walk to the beach.

Westport Lighthouse

The path leads along the oceanshore and looking inland you can see the town of Westport and their Lighthouse.   We also encountered a couple of young deer who were interested in Duke’s moves but not enough to run off until they had their fill of berries.

Is he one of us?

June 1, 2011



One Response to “Sunsets and Crabs”

  1. Mike Finn says:

    Forget those chicken legs. Get a bunch of fish heads and guts from the incoming boats or whomever guts the fish. The pros never let out their secret bait but we spied one doing it in Alaska and he always had the most and biggest.

    good luck