We’ve arrived!

It’s time to secure the belongings, roll in the slides, crank up the jacks and head for San Jose – YEAH!!!  After spending two nights at the dealership in Stockton it is time to relocate to San Jose and I am so ready.  We left Stockton about noon and were cruising along under somewhat sunny conditions and then we arrived in Livermore on 580 to brake lights. 

What?  It’s 12:30 in the afternoon.  Must be an accident.  We come to a full stop on the interstate and of course Paul thinks of lunch!  I’m not hungry so he decides we are going to be here awhile and gets up from the driver seat and heads to the kitchen.  After starting his lunch he retreats to the bathroom!  I’m sitting in the passenger seat and realize the guy in front of me is moving!!! Yikes!  I figure we are only moving a little so I get in the drivers seat, start the engine and start pulling ahead.  The cars never stop!  So, Paul returns to the drivers compartment but now it is too late, I am heading west on 580 at 55 miles per hour! 

I can drive the motorhome but choose not to especially with Paul as a passenger!  My driving capacity is only in reverse in RV Parks, going 55 down the highway is Paul’s domain and this is my least favorite stretch of highway in the state!!!  There is so much construction, pylons, barriers, narrow lanes and ruts that keeping a small car in your lane is a large feat and I am driving a 36 foot house!

Paul is usually a lousy passenger, hence my reason for only driving in reverse with him outside, however today he is especially good.  He only made one comment about me hitting the cement wall so by the time we go to Fremont I was starting to relax.

We arrived under my skill in Morgan Hill about 2 pm and are ready to party San Jose!

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