Amy wants to keep Duke

Yesterday Amy begged to have a sleepover with her baby brother.  Duke wasn’t sure he would sleep but he went anyway.  Actually what choice does he have, he’s a dog!  I packed his overnight bag and bed and Amy picked him up after work and off they went to spend the night at her home.

Paul was very nervous and wanted to call and check on him every hour.  I told him let him be and besides he is too young to talk to you on the phone!  Silly me, this is 2010 after all.  About 10 pm we get a call or actually a Facetime request from Amy!  Duke was so happy to hear our voices and if he understood technology better he could have seen our faces!

I had no idea how cool this new 4G phone was going to be.  Just think you can see little Suzie’s smiling face no matter where you might be.  You can actually have virtual relationships with your babies while someone else is changing the stinky diaper that grosses you out!!! Hopefully the nanny doesn’t feel the need to facetime that!

Paul was able to relax and enjoy the rest of our evening after “Seeing” that his little boy was enjoying himself.  And then we both get text messages on our phones…..

"Duke drank too much"

 Damn, what happened to the good ole days where parents never knew what really happened when the kids were left home alone with the babysitter.

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