A great start to Christmas

Leaving Paul and Duke with the RV in Coloma I left for San Jose on Saturday to awesome weather!  Lately the weather has been very much a part of my life and finally I am back where the temperatures are normal!!!

Stephanie was also in town for a few hours so we got to have dinner before she headed back to Fresno for her last two weeks of college.  She graduates on December 16th and then it is to San Jose and the future for her.  It is very scary for her (and me) right now as jobs are still pretty competitive but she will get settled in her new home and begin the search.  Her degree will be in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting so we are very hopeful she will land a job and then persue a career that will both thrill her and support her.

Back to why I left home and why I am excited about the upcoming holidays.  When we lived in San Jose I started each December with a lot of cookie baking and then a party to exchange my cookies with friends that also make some amazing Christmas cookies.  Well that is why I am here.   I talked Amy into learning to bake some cookies (about time!) and accompany me to my cookie party.  She found the recipe, helped me shop for the ingredients and then bake the cookies!  A pretty great accomplishment for someone that had no interest in cooking growing up.

See, she can cook!

While we baked cookies, Amy’s roomates Jen and Stacy went out and picked up their Christmas tree and brought it home to decorate.  Amy’s home looks great and I can’t  wait to decorate my little house for the holidays.

Merry Christmas at Amy's house

We spent all day Sunday baking 12 dozen cookies.  They are awesome and tonight we will go to Barb’s house,  (Diana’s moms) where she will treat us to a wonderful dinner, great friends and the evening will finish with an awesome dessert right after we exchange cookies and a gift exchange.

Tomorrow I return to my house but we will be relocating to San Jose this coming weekend.  I can’t wait to get here, decorate for Christmas and then get out and see everyone!

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