Arizona Resort Life

We are getting settled in at the resort where we are going to be staying until April.  This resort has everything you can think of to do and you can not be outside without saying hi!  They just don’t let you.  Today I was riding my bike and even the hispanic gardeners were stopping to wave and say HI!!!   It took some getting use to but I found myself greeting everyone I saw this afternoon while walking Duke in the park.

The park has everything;  Exercise classes, water exercises, bike riding, tennis, golf, pickle ball, bocce ball, horseshoes, miniture golf, 4 pools, 2 pool halls, library, woodworking shop, rock shop, computer lab, quilting room where you can use all their stuff, donuts & coffee (FREE), music on the patio with Rum punch for $1 each! (Tasty), dances, card clubs & charity groups.  I am sure I left something out but you get the idea!  Bored is not something they like to hear.   I am not sure when Paul is going to find the time to work with the dealers in the area.   It just might be time to really retire and get on with the second 1/2 of our lives!

For my Square Dancing friends: (the rest of you can read too!)

Square Dancing is pretty big here in the winter.  You can dance all day starting about 9 am until 10 pm every night of the week; from beginner lessons to C-4b (whatever that is!)  Tonight there was an A-1 advanced group dancing in our park so we walked over to check them out.  I had no intention of dancing since we have not Advanced danced in over 2 years.  It was a small group and several had just learned A-1 so they promised me they moved slow.  The caller made several accomodations for us in the first set but we did pretty good and most of it came back!  The first time I heard “Cast a shadow” I had no idea!  Then a few people had been to other dances and were learning “Motivate” so of course the caller could not be outdone so we learned Motivate.  Good thing he didn’t just call it.  It is amazing how much you can remember when the caller is talking you through and your corner knows what he is doing and knows you are lost!!!  We had a good time and will probably find an A-1, A-2 refresher class. 

I am off to bed so I can get up and go again tomorrow morning.

One Response to “Arizona Resort Life”

  1. Candy Tyner says:

    wow… we are definately going to visit you while you are in Arizona… It sounds so great…. fun, activities. and dancing… what a deal..