Benefits of no schedules

We returned from Mexico to Yuma about 3:30 Saturday afternoon looking forward to a quiet evening watching the sun set and listening to the quiet at my parents pad when Paul received a phone call from our friends Mike & Claudia.  They are in Mesa working at another RV Resort and somehow they received 4 FREE tickets to the Arizona Cardinals game on Sunday!  Did we want to go?  Could we be in Mesa by 1 pm Sunday?  It is 200 miles from Yuma to Mesa and it isn’t an easy task getting the house ready to travel again, and I had laundry on the clothesline!  Well that is what this little adventure Paul and I are on is all about, living in the moment.  We loaded everything up, skipped dinner and got on our way across the dessert about 5 pm, just before dark.  We arrived at our new park about 10 pm.

This morning we got up and off to the game we went.  The Cardinals were awful in the first half and I thought Seattle was definitely the better team but as football goes, the second half is a whole different game!  We enjoyed the $6 beers and $5 hot dogs and then we had to have some Chili Cheese Fries!  $6.25 definitely the best deal as one order is enough for 4 except we bought 2 orders!  Claudia left the cheese off hers cause it is fattening!!!  Going to the game was lots of fun and the stadium is beautiful and very loud when the crowd gets excited.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony

Guess we might have to get the shirts and be Cardinal Fans since we are spending so much time here! 

Go Cardinals – 31-20

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