Entertaining, RV style

My mom is still here and we don’t know (or care) for how much longer!  My dad dropped her off last week with her 5th wheel to visit for a week and returned to Hanford and put the truck in the shop.  The check engine light came on and he thought he should have it checked- we just drive our cars with the light on! But I guess when you are towing a 36′ home you really should have all systems in good order.  Anyhow he picked the truck up on Tuesday and started driving to Sugar Barge.  The truck wouldn’t run so he returned to the shop and now they have to orde r some parts and it should get fixed this week.

Our RV park is fully booked this weekend and so the Manager had to do so shuffling so that the guests that were to arrive on Wednesday would have a place to park other that in my mom’s driveway!  I guess it worked out cause my mom still can get to her front door!  The good news is my mom gets to stay longer and Amy came today to stay with us for a few days. 

We thought when Amy was here we could get out on the water in a boat again but now Paul is in San Jose visiting our friend, Leo the Dentist!  He has a tooth that has got him taking Vicodin so he needed to have it taken care of – there goes this months BUDGET!

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