Diners, Drive-ins & Dives

Some Bartenders!

The Food Network was here!

We have always enjoyed the local favorites of the Delta and now we find out they are famous and on TV.  Sunday we took a drive north towards Walnut Grove to have dinner at one of the best restaurants in the Delta Region, Giusti’s.  It is very near where my parents kept their Houseboat for several years so we all have been there and loved the food.  We arrived about 3 pm only to find out the only thing open until 4 was the BAR! and as we entered we saw this small stamped logo near the entrance.  Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is a favorite Food Network show of Paul’s  and one of his dreams is to eat in all the favorites of Guy – well just this last year Guy was in Walnut Grove dining at Giusti’s! 

As I was taking the picture the bartender runs out and jumps into the photo!  He was a character as we only expect from the Delta fine eatery’s.  Duke is not impressed with the logo or the bartender – just throw that ball!

I wasn’t sure I wanted to sit in the Bar for an hour and drink but we decided to have just one drink – he makes a fine Cosmopolitian, almost as good as mine!  Finally at 4 pm the bartender found us on the patio and escorted us to the hostess and then to our dining chairs.


As you can see Giusti’s is not your typical fancy restaurant.  Inside you enter thru the BAR with greetings from many on barstools that wave cause they just figure you are from there or something.  The dining room is complete with checkered tableclothes and some sort of stuffed dead animal watching you eat, but the food is fabulous.  They serve a filet mignon with bleu cheese crumbles that is to die for and all meals come with salad, soup & bread of course.  I had Salmon – no surprise there.  It was such a large portion and the baked potatoe was perfect that after the soup, salad, bread and dinner I needed a couch!

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