Vancouver Island

The ferry crossing was uneventful until we went to exit.  The RV appeared to not be releasing the brake.  We are first in line and many travelers behind I’m sure thought we were brand new to RVing!  The Ferry personnel were sure of it!  Finally they got the others backed up and off and we got out and unhitched the car to see it that would help.  It did!  Now off to customs and we are in separate vehicles.  I got a really nice guy and he told me where I could wait for Paul who was in a much slower lane.  This time we had no issues and got off and drove to our destination for the night.

It turns out that the cars brake buddy (the thing we put in the car to brake in case we need it!) had shifted and was putting the brake on.  To Paul and I both it felt more like the RV wasn’t releasing the brake but it wasn’t because we have had no issues since.  And the dead car battery is fixed now too as we just had the wrong fuse in the car somewhere!  Maybe now we have everything worked out and we can sit back and enjoy our new RV.

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