Alert Bay and Telegraph Cove

This is a beautiful area and there isn’t much here.  We had some of the best fish n chips from a food truck in our campground, Alder Bay Resort  and so far we have taken a couple drives to see the surrounding area.  It is beautiful here and quite wild.

Telegraph Cove

A resort is about all that is here in Telegraph Cove but we managed to make it a day. We had to pay to park! That’s unusual.

While we were enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck the whale watching tour boat was passing by and following a couple of Orcas.  We could see them swimming but they were pretty far out so no photos!  Our first Whale sighting since being up here.

On our way back to camp Paul found a hidden gem!  Down a gravel road about 8 km was Hidden Cove Lodge were today there was no one here except another couple doing what we were, just stopping by.  A beautiful spot but there is not a thing to do here other than relax and unwind!  Better have your books uploaded before you come because there was no internet.  They are not on the grid at all, only Wind and Solar

There are several day excursions to be taken and today we took a drive to Port Alice known for the sea otter population. There isn’t much else here anymore as the pulp mill making cellulose is gone and owes the village a bunch of back taxes according to the worker in the visitor center.  There was not much here other than some beautiful scenery.  We didn’t see any otters only a puppy having a great time chasing nothing while it’s owners enjoyed the views.

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