Dingle Way Day 8, our longest hiking day

Another B & B, another Pub and now our longest walk.  The trail picks up right near our Inn and soon we are on the beach.

All 10km of sand


Behind us

The clouds were threatening and the forecast didn’t look good but so far so good.  The sand was packed pretty hard and the waves were calm so we had a nice walk for several miles then we come to a spot where a small river was!  The only way was to cross at the lowest spot which was about 6 inches deep!  Yep, wet feet again.  The good news is yesterday’s sheep shit is rinsed away.

Thats Cindy,  we saw 4 people and one dog in the whole 10km.

The mountain views were pretty nice again. The scenery never gets old. It is so open and green.

After two hours we found a spot to exit the beach.  It wasn’t the trail spot but we thought we could cut off a mile or so.  Didn’t happen!  Finally we came to the listed pub where we thought we would have lunch.  Opens at 5:30 pm.  Good thing we have power bars and fruit from breakfast!

Soon we are on our way again and walking along roads and trails between villages.

Ponies. There was a small herd of these ponies in a backyard type pasture.  They had no interest in us because look at all that grass!  These two were living in each other.  It was very sweet.

These horses were open range grazing razing along the roadway on both sides.  It was beautiful to walk amongst them and just watch.  This is about the time my body started acting up and we are only just over 1/2 way!

Our third horse encounter

This guy was in a pasture separated from the sheep.  He must have been lonely because he came right up to the fence and let us scratch his nose!  Then Cindy takes out an orange and fed it to him.  He seemed very appreciative!

Then another beach and another 5 km.  I’m thinking this town is never going to show up!  We finally make it to town and Cindy reads the notes for our B & B!  Only 1 km outside of town.  WHAT!  We arrive and Maureen our Host, welcomes us cheerfully. She was cheerful  not me.  I need to get these boots off and lay down!



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