Dingle Way Day 9, The home stretch!

Today we only have to walk about 7 miles!  Yippy.  Maureen says are you sure you don’t want to ride with the luggage?  That’s because it is raining!

Our final morning. Let’s do this!

We retrace our steps back to Castlegregory and begin the Dingle Peninsula Trail to Camp where hopefully our car will be waiting for us.  Our first nights Innkeeper has brought the car to Camp so we don’t have to repeat that first section of our trip!  She says the key will be in a winning lotto envelope behind the counter.  Love small towns!

It’s raging but we are on roads so not too bad but soon it gets exciting.  The road turns to mud and soon we see a river!

A saving grace

This skinny little bridge is our way to the other side where our track continues.  Then we come to where we are supposed to hit the beach, the rain has slowed.  But there is a huge body of water on our trail or a 15 foot mound of sand next to it!  Cindy chooses the water, I choose the sand.  We both make it.


This beach was was a bit more interesting with tide pools and cool rock formations but pretty dirty with litter.  There also were a couple rivers to forge!  My feet were already wet from the rain.  This will be my last day with these boots anyway as they will always smell like sheep poo.

Our instructions said look for the opening to a roadway and a church steeple!  Yeah, I think we are almost to Camp.

A beautiful church and tiny cemetery and we are on our way.  Good thing cause the rain gear is coming back out as the sky is opening up.  Only a couple Km’s. I can’t wait!

We find the gas station, see our car and step inside.  Our envelope is there and we have keys!

Cindy removing the rain gear before she attempts to drive on the wrong side of the road!

Wait till you hear what happens next!  Today is not over!

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