Riding the rails, again!

Because Amtrak gave us a credit from our last trip we booked a trip to LA.   Why?  

It was a wonderful, quick trip.  We left from San Jose about 10am and arrived in LA about 8:30 pm. The scenery is amazing of course.  

Sometimes you travel through the real places in lots of small towns.  These guys were taking a break;  some were eating, some were checking their smart phones!

Union Station is a beautiful building that is right in downtown LA.  The inside is amazing reminder of how architecture is timeless .  

How do you get this spot to hang out with your friends?  Outside of Lompoc if you can find it and no one is there you can have paradise all to yourself!

This is my jealousy picture!  We have been here before and as the train was passing by I was thinking!  We should be here.  

California doesn’t just have beautiful landscapes we also produce lots of food!  Coming north from LA you start seeing fields of vegetables within about 20 minutes near Simi Valley.  From both sides of the train you see foods being grown,  but once you get to San Luis Obispo you see lots of wine grapes until you get to the strawberries in Watsonville.    Yummm

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