Happy New Year

The end of the year was very busy with our stay in CA.  We had great visits with friends and of course the family.  We celebrated 60 years of marriage with my parents with most of the family coming together.

60 years of Marriage!

                                        60 years of Marriage!

Christmas was beautiful. I helped Amy make a Carpenter family recipe of Lasagna for Christmas Eve Dinner with her inlaws!  Everyone approved so its a go again next year!  Stephanie is doing great and soon will be finding a new home to purchase in San Jose!  Damn the price of real estate in the area is going insane again!

With Christmas behind us Paul and I have left the state again for hopefully warmer weather!  We arrived in Mesa, AZ on New Years Eve and it was slightly warmer.  Bringing in the New Year at our new winter address and then on Friday we finally saw some great weather that lasted 2.5 days and now it is cold again with rain for the last 2-3 days!  Yuck!

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