Deep dish, thin crust, butter, cornmeal?

How about upside down? Who makes the best Chicago pizza?  Lou Malnati, Giordano’s or Uno’s, the chains plus the multitude of local pizzerias that claim the best “Chicago” pizza.  So you see coming to Chicago for pizza is serious business!

The beginnings of our first Pizza dinner

The beginnings of our first Pizza dinner

Chicago pizza and grinder company was our choice for Sunday after we checked into our Hotwire 4-star hotel right on Michigan Ave!  Chicago Pizza and Grinder is a local spot with a very unique pizza!  It’s more of a pizza potpie served upside down!  Awesome!  We arrived and there was a 1 hour wait,  Paul hates waits but I had been here before and insisted it was worth it.  The owner is in charge of the wait list and there is no list! You check in with him and he will find you when it’s your turn.  I’m thinking no way, the place is packed, people are everywhere but exactly 45 minutes from when we checked with he came and told us we were next!  We were seated and had our order placed in exactly 1 hour from when we arrived.



That’s the reality of having pizza in Chicago.

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