Wash, rinse, wash again!

Poor Duke!  He got two baths yesterday as well as Paul getting a shower during what should have been cocktail hour!  Duke got a much needed bath in the morning and then another after chasing his ball right into a ditch!

Paul tosses the ball, Duke chases it, hitting it into the bushes.  Duke disappears into the bushes and doesn’t immediately reappear, and then Denise remembers there is a ditch!  Damn!  Paul starts to walk over, it is about 50 feet, Duke still doesn’t reappear so Paul starts running.  Denise begins to head for the bush too.  Paul disappears into the brush, Denise feels fear… what if??  After what appeared to be minutes, Duke reappears from the brush with the ball, then Paul!  Duke is soaked!  He went swimming, the only dry hair is on the top of his head!  Time for a bath.  The afternoon bath is not as nearly so soothing – this one is on the picnic table with the hose!  And now it is late afternoon, so no time to dry!  I’m going to have to blow dry him.   Play a little more ball, very carefully and then Paul notices a scratch on his leg!  I’m thinking peroxide and then Paul says “I hope there is not poison oak!  Panic strikes!!!!  Paul into the shower,  all the towels we used on Duke are into the washer.  And because we are so afraid of poison oak I hand Paul the ball and ball flinger into the shower!  Geeze…..

Oh yes, we are in Alabama for the week!  And I forgot.  In Tennessee while we were touring the Cherry Mansion I saw a Ground Hog!  He was huge, and I was so surprised that I didn’t get a photo!  His body was the size of Duke and he was fearful of me – running into a hole!

One Response to “Wash, rinse, wash again!”

  1. Diana says:

    Well now I know what you do with all that retirement time! Fingers crossed no PO breakouts !