Disneyland, Branson Style

Branson is famous for the theaters and shows along the main road through town but they also have wonderful, expensive golf courses and there are resorts sprouting up all over the hills!  Top of the Rock  resort, owner Johnny Morris (Bass Pro Shop founder) is putting his creative ideas into the feel of this resort.

We paid $21 each (4 of us) to rent a golf cart and drive a 2 1/2 mile trail thru the Ozarks into a cave.  It was very difficult to tell where the natural landscape ended and the manmade enhancements started!

It's cold out here!!!

It’s cold out here!!!

Real? or  Manmade?

Real? or Manmade?

This was impossible to tell, other than the flow!

This was impossible to tell, other than the flow!

Landscape complete with a covered bridge

Landscape complete with a covered bridge

I thought only Walt Disney could get away with charging large sums of money for us to have fun!  This was a great time, although $85 was crazy but I guess it is all relative!  The trail was covered with folks doing the same thing!

The resort is complete with  restaurants and a golf course!  The Top of the Rock Golf Course, a par three PGA TOUR course!  It was beautiful, but $135.00 for a 950-1400 yd course!   We were having a very nice, mexican lunch in the lodge overlooking the driving range of the course and I found a bargain hidden in the beauty.


The sand traps on the driving range are astro turf!!!!

While eating, I noticed an advertizement on the table –  Driving range, bag of balls and clubs $15!  So I didn’t exactly play a PGA TOUR course, but I did hit some balls on their really cool range!

For an afternoon enjoying the beautiful Fall a group of 4 spent $85 for a golf cart ride, $ 70 for lunch and $15 for one to pretend to be a real golfer!  $170 for lots of smiles!  It’s only money!

A view of the course!

A view of the course!


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