I Need Steamed Veges!!!!

It’s Paul’s birthday and how would he like to spend his day?  First was a ride around the area with friend Mike, who is trying out our lifestyle with a trip down Route 66 and a stop in Branson!  Next stop,  food coma!  Lambert’s Throwed Rolls for more carbs than I thought would be possible in one meal!  I forgot we are in the midwest!


Mike and our waiter look on as Paul pulls paper towels to hold his rolls , watching Connie catch a roll!

Connie, our friend who we met here 5 years ago joined us, as well as Linda and Ken who are just arriving in Branson to work through the winter.  I think everyone enjoyed dinner, we all had styrofoam boxes for another meal.  My refrigerator looks like a styrofoam breeding grounds after this week!  Lambert’s serves large meals complete with two sides, and then they throw these huge, catch with two hands rolls and then there is the guy that comes around with a paint can full of Sorgum to spread on the roll, and then there is the guys and gals running around with pots full of macaroni and tomatoes, fried okra and fried potatoes and onions – all of which you can have as much as you can eat, or stuff into your styrofoam container, And then!!!! the waitress comes over and says, what will you have for dessert!  Are you kidding me?  I just ate enough rolls alone for 3 meals!

I think the best part of Paul’s birthday was we found out all these people like to play cards!  We spent the evening sitting around a card table laughing and chatting while we played several card games.

Saturday morning Paul and Mike had a date for Krispy Cream Donuts.  I’m thinking after Friday’s meal they may pass!  Not a chance.  Mike enjoys photographing so the two of them and Duke set out for Krispy Cream and another ride around Branson looking for the perfect shot!


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