You’re from CA? Where? Really!!!!!

We don’t always get the perfect view!

My front yard!!!

My front yard!!

On the move again and heading west.  We needed just an overnight so we first looked for an Elks Lodge but couldn’t find it so being hungry we opted for the Walmart parking lot in Jackson Michigan.  Never my first choice but it works and saves having to unhook, getting off the main roads and I can pick up a few items while we are there.

As we are parking Paul notices a Winnebago View parked next to us and they have CA plates!  Dave and Joanna have been traveling in the northeast and are heading home to Los Gatos!  After talking awhile outside the rigs they announce they were walking across the street to a Mexican Restaurant do we want to come?  Sure.  What a nice chance meeting.  We had a great meal, shared lots of travel stories, talked a little about home, showed off our home, met Annie, a Portuguese Water Hound who was such a wonderful guest in our home and had a great evening.   You never know where you will meet someone new and a neighbor is even more cool!

Happy travels home Dave, Joanna and Annie!


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