Where does the time go?

We arrived in Forest City Saturday and began to prepare to move out for 2 weeks!  Paul will be staying in the area and I will fly home,  yippy!

Forest City is Winnebago!  The town is tiny, the factory is huge!  There is an area that looks like a fairgrounds but it is the Winnebago Rally Grounds for everything Winnebago, especially the annual Grand National Rally held in July!  I am not sure we will be in Iowa in July but it looks really nice in September- beautiful green lawns with lots of water and electric hookups.  The factory also has an area for WIT members to park for a couple of days free of charge (you have to own a Winnebago) that is very nice, and then there is the area for you to park when you are waiting for repairs!

Sunday we did get to explore town a bit and found a very creative lot of land between two buildings right off Main St.

Bike Creatures

Bike Creatures

Bike Creatures, They are right in plain site but there is no sign except on the side of the building.  We found it when we were looking for a Geocache across the street.  We found the cache pretty easily but in the hints they talked about taking photos with your favorite creature, so with a bit of searching the area we finally found it!




Not your average tourist attraction!  Very cool though!

Next stop the Twin Cities and then a plane ride HOME!!!


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