More Waterfalls

After deciding to stay in Lakehead, CA which is on the Sacramento leg of Lake Shasta we stopped in the local tavern/restaurant for lunch.  Pretty good food for a tavern and friendly people.  Paul notices there is a note on the door that they are going to have a “R” rated hula hoop dancer Saturday night.  So of course he asks about it.  The nice waitress says you got to see this girl, she does amazing things with the hula hoop and of course she is dressed for the occasion.  Paul is all eyes!

We return in the evening about 9 pm to see this show.  Inside the bar there are about 8 people and 3 of them work there!  Where’s the hula show Paul asks the waitress.  Probably around 9:30 -10:00 pm after dinner is over.  OK, ordering drinks.  I stump the bartender with my order of a cosmopolitan.  The good news is I got to tell her how to make it!  It cost me but it was the best one I have had.  I even learned something, put the lime in the shaker and don’t over shake.  Two drinks later the crowd is down to 8 including us  and the guys playing pool have decided that if the hula hoop girls shows up it is going to be a low tip night cause we have spent all our tip money in alcohol!    That’s the other thing about small towns, things don’t always work out!  We waited till 11 but we just can’t sit there all night at $15 a round, hula girl or not!  She was a no show, we dropped $30 so the bar made out!

Try my recipe for cosmos!  They are the best ones you will ever have.

1 shot Absolute or Grey Goose Vodka
1 shot Grand Marnier
1 shot triple sec
1 shot cranberry juice
1/4-1/2 lime squeezed into shaker
Shake well and serve in a martini glass, Cheers!

Today we decided to take a drive to Burney Falls, which is where we we going to spend the weekend but the weather did not look good for the roads.  It is about 70 miles on a windy, 2 lane highway into very steep terrain.  Taking the car there was a great idea.  What a beautiful park and the falls are amazing.  We hiked a couple of miles around the park, had a picnic lunch at Britton Lake and headed home as the weather started turning again.  The drive back took us up close to Mt. Shasta and today you could see the peak for a few minutes.

Not the biggest, but beautiful

You can walk right down to the pool where there is a bit of spray from the falls.  The water is pretty cold so staying out of the water is a main goal!  After viewing the falls we took the trail downstream and enjoyed a short walk until you cross the bridge where we saw this guy trying to fly fish for trout.  He didn’t catch anything while we were there but I’m thinking there has to be warmer streams to fish in – 42 degrees is chilly.

Fly Fishing

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