More disasters

It’s ok, the RV is still starting every time.  After our morning yesterday we decide to head to California and we spent the night on the road.  This morning we get up, put everything away and head down Interstate 5.  We decide we will take a detour and see Burney Falls before heading to Calistoga on Monday.  About Weed, CA  it gets really windy and rainy.  Paul decides we don’t need to take the rig out into the mountains where they are suggesting snow dusting this weekend and passes up our turnoff.  We stop at the next rest stop to rest and decide what to do now.

We stop and Paul heads down the hall to the bathroom.  “Uh, Denise you are not going to be happy!”

Not good!!! That is a really nice vase in the middle of the floor!!!

Water Bubbles

They are suppose to be in that vase with a nice plant growing!  I am having a few bad days lately!  First it was I dropped my purse with my phone in a pond; then I left the car in drive for about 20 miles while we towed it; then the RV won’t start and now this!  All I can say is I am one lucky girl!  My phone started working again after 2 days of nothing; the car seems to be fine; the RV keeps starting and all I lost here was the $10 of bubbles cause the $25.00 vase didn’t break!

We stopped near Lake Shasta for the weekend.  Taking it easy and hoping for good weather and no more trouble.

Lake Shasta near Lakehead, California


One Response to “More disasters”

  1. Pat Bennett says:

    I finally got your blog address back-great story! I loved theRogue-every turn seemed to have a fab scene……
    I’m thinking you’re in Calistoga now-I’m back in the park in Coarsegold so do put us on your schedule!