Beautiful Oregon

Trees, Blue Sky & rushing water, that’s what we woke up to this morning.  We are parked in a National Forest Park along the Rogue River southwest of Crater Lake and it is amazing.  This is camping – no running water, no showers and no internet or cell service.  There is a pay phone about 1 mile down the road!

Farewell Bend NFP, Oregon


View from my bedroom window

About 5 miles from the park is a Rogue River Gorge that is beautiful.  The trail runs right along the gorge so you have some beautiful views.

Rogue Gorge

Beautiful, loud and wild

The Falls right before the Gorge

Thinking, that's a lot of water and no chance if you fall over!

This is beautiful but we need some connection with the world, so off we go down the hill to Joseph Stewart State Park on the banks of the Lost Creek Reservior which is really low this time of year.  The park was very nice, with really big sites but not the view of Farewell Bend.  We moved here for some internet service as well as a bit warmer temps.  There wasn’t much sunshine in the woods!  If you are a boater you would really like it here.   We are

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