Now what?

Paul ” Everything is loaded, slides in, jacks up, Denise go ahead and start the coach and pull forward.”  Denise turns the key.  Nothing!  Paul “What?” Denise ” Don’t know?  I must be doing something wrong.  I must be missing something!”  Paul, “Move, let me see”  Turns the key.  Nothing!  Denise “Now what?”

That’s how the morning started.  So far on the road we have had very little trouble and nothing serious that Paul can’t handle with his little box of tools, but this time there seems to be a problem that doesn’t make sense.  Everything is working; lights, radio, slides, dash lights, inside lights, everything except when you turn the key you hear nothing!!!   Paul gets his little box of tools out, removes the steps cause that is where the batteries are and starts touching and tapping things.  Is that a good idea?  Wait, I better just sit in the seat and wait for directions.  Tap, Tap, Tap,  “Denise, try the key”  Nothing.  remove some more parts, Tap, Tap, Tap,  “Denise, try the key”  Nothing.  remove some more parts Tap, Tap, Tap,  ” Denise, try the key” motor starts, but wait, Denise didn’t know it was going to work that time and she let go of the ignition!  But that is ok, her mind is still pretty quick and she tries again and it starts!  Whoa!   Paul “How did you do that?  and don’t touch the key!”  How did we do that?  and will it work again?

We pull out, hitch up the car with the motor running and pull up to the dump station.  Dump with the motor running and head out down the road.  Now what do we do.  We have to shut it off sometime.

Good thing for Internet and the IPhone!  I look up a Workhorse  Dealer(that’s who makes this thing) in Medford and there is one.  I call them and talk to the nice man who tells me they have no openings until Wednesday.  He also thought from my information that it is probably a dead battery and driving will charge it.  He did say if that isn’t it and we are stranded call him he will figure something out – What nice people Oregon has.

Paul from what happened is pretty sure it isn’t a battery because everything was working so since we were going right past the Workhorse place he decides we will stop and see if it restarts there.  It did.  The nice guy came out and showed Paul a couple of things about our RV and talked to him a bit about what happened but he had no answer for the problem.  So off we go to our next destination which was the Elks of Medford.

That’s another story!  The Elks usually have a few sites at the lodge and we like to stay there because it is easy, safe and you can go in and enjoy a meal or a drink and talk to some locals.  Well the Medford Elks didn’t  have camping at the lodge but right outside of town they have a picnic area that is for RVer’s.  After talking to the guy, Paul gets directions and the code to the gate.  We finally arrive at the area which is about 2 miles down a dirt road about 5 miles outside of town.  We get there and it looks really nice but the RV area is in an uneven field, no one else is there, and the dog can’t go on their really nice lawn!  Since we are not sure about the starting of the rig we decide we don’t want to turn it off here – not good if we are planning to spend the night.  So, off we go back to town.  Paul makes his appointment and we head down the road – not sure where we will end up!  Yep, the RV is starting everytime so far!!!

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