Never thought I would see this!!!

Birds are a really big thing at the park.  I watch the finches and hummingbirds feed everyday at the window near the office; bright yellow finches sit in the pine trees chirping; crows search the beach for prey; seagulls fly everywhere and you better be ready for a clean up; and, Paul has taken a liking to a mom and her 5 little Chick’s!

The nest was built in the work shed several weeks ago as Paul watched patiently.  One day the mom returned to the nest and didn’t leave. Paul watched very quietly, speaking to the mom in very encouraging tones.   After several days Paul excitedly brings me to see the little babies that have hatched.  Each day Paul would return to the nest and watch the mom as she reappeared to feed her little babies.  They grew over the next week and then she started to take them out flying until they all were ready to leave the nest.

5 little babies waiting for mom

First time out of the nest. They are waiting for mom to return with food!

Mom has fed them and has them all lined up for sleep, the next day they were gone!

And life begins another cycle!

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