Simi Valley California

What a wonderful place to spend a few days while Paul visits a few RV dealers.  We are parked in a tiny spot of only 7 sites at an Elks Lodge in Simi Valley.  The Lodge is nestled in the hills where there are walking trails nearby for Duke and I while Paul goes out to see his dealers.

Hikers mark the trails?
Duke enjoying all the smells
Mountain Goat? or Duke?

The weekend had beautiful weather and Paul can’t visit dealers on Saturday so we took a drive through Topanga Canyon out to Malibu.  Beautiful drive and amazing vistas.

Overlooking Simi Valley

Arriving in Malibu at lunch and not wanting to be indoors we stopped at a local market, Vons!  While it isn’t a local market it had what we wanted, Local wines, cheeses, and sushi!  Loaded with some eats we went looking for a beach with a table which isn’t easy to find here in Malibu.  They are all either private or you have to pay to enter!  Finally we found a nice parking lot that had a fee but you could park on the highway and walk in, use the facilities and they had perfect tables right near the beach.  We enjoyed lunch and gave Duke a nice walk on the walkway as he wasn’t allowed on the beach but I was!

Love the sand and the salt water
No surfers on these beautiful waves
The view while walking along the shoreline

It was a beautiful day and in the evening I got to visit with my mom who was in Simi Valley with her sister for a bowling tournament.  I went to hang out with them at their hotel and about 10:15 we got a call from the front desk!  The neighbors think we are having a party and would we like to bring it downstairs to the lobby?  What?  3 women in their 70’s and me!  Talking and laughing is now considered a party!  Time for me to go home so they don’t get kicked out!!

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